On this page you will find some information about some of the projects, both professional and personal, that I’ve been involved in.


Unit Outlines

An extension to the Courses & Units project, enhancing the system to include detailed Unit Outlines for each Unit. As part of a project undertaken in 2014-2015, the process for managing Unit Outlines at the University has implemented an online workflow in Callista to manage the development, approval, and publication of Unit Outlines. Once a … Continue reading “Unit Outlines”


Trello Dashboard

About After using Trello for a month to manage my projects – both professional and personal – I felt that I was spending too much time trying to catch up on each of the boards in my organisation – at the time of writing, I have 13 boards open. As a personal project, I built a small … Continue reading “Trello Dashboard”

NATSEM Budget Impact Map

About This project was developed in October 2014 for the National Centre for Socioeconomic Modelling (NATSEM) and the Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre (WiSER). NATSEM provided a set of research data forecasting the annual impact the Australian Federal Budget (2014-2015) would have on families by 2017-2018, grouped by Federal Electorate. The aim of this project … Continue reading “NATSEM Budget Impact Map”

Credit Transfer Database

About This project was developed in Q3 2014, and released to the public in October, 2014. The application allows potential students to: Answer a series of questions about their current or prior study, and be presented with potential credit transfer options for admission into the University; Display credit transfers per field of study, or per course. … Continue reading “Credit Transfer Database”


UC Book

The UC Book initiative commenced in late 2012. The goal was to provide all incoming Undergraduate students, and all University staff, with a copy of a book each year, that would be integrated into the teaching of course materials. To enable the distribution of books, a system was built that: Emailed all eligible staff & … Continue reading “UC Book”


Courses & Units

In 2012, a project commenced to modernise the University’s Online Courses & Units handbook. As part of the requirements of the project, the University wanted an improved search and filter functionality. As the University already used Funnelback to provide search functionality across the website, it was decided to make use of Funnelback to start indexing … Continue reading “Courses & Units”


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