Unit Outlines

An extension to the Courses & Units project, enhancing the system to include detailed Unit Outlines for each Unit.

As part of a project undertaken in 2014-2015, the process for managing Unit Outlines at the University has implemented an online workflow in Callista to manage the development, approval, and publication of Unit Outlines.

Once a Unit Outline is approved in Callista, it is to be published on the University’s Courses & Units page.

A PHP script is used to connect to Callista and retrieve an XML version of the approved Unit Outline. As with the Courses & Units application, this page is then consumed by Squiz MySource Matrix, using an XSL stylesheet to generate the final HTML version of the page.


  • Callista Student Management System
  • Data Warehouse
  • PHP
  • Squiz MySource Matrix

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