UC Book

The UC Book initiative commenced in late 2012. The goal was to provide all incoming Undergraduate students, and all University staff, with a copy of a book each year, that would be integrated into the teaching of course materials.

To enable the distribution of books, a system was built that:

  • Emailed all eligible staff & students with an email explaining the UC Book initiative, with links to accept an offer for either a hard copy or e-book version of the novel.
  • After selecting a response, the system emailed staff & students with a voucher corresponding to their choice, and instructions on redeeming it.
  • E-book copies were redeemed using the Kobo eReader app or device.
  • Hard copies were distributed via the UC Co-Op Bookshop, with staff marking off the collections using an online portal that saved the details of each pickup to a database.

In the second iteration, the system was expanded to:

  • Include a self service portal, allowing staff & students to change their choice from e-book to hardcopy, or vice versa, if they changed their mind. This significantly reduced the number of service requests logged asking for assistance in changing responses.
  • The self service portal also allowed staff & students to opt-out of reminder emails about the UC Book project.
  • Added an Administration portal to manage the timing and distribution of all email notifications across all user groups.


This project makes use of:


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