Trello Dashboard


After using Trello for a month to manage my projects – both professional and personal – I felt that I was spending too much time trying to catch up on each of the boards in my organisation – at the time of writing, I have 13 boards open.

As a personal project, I built a small Trello Dashboard, allowing me to:

  • Login with a Trello account
  • Choose between “My Boards”, “Starred Boards”, or from a list of my Organisations.
  • Filter between Open and Closed boards.
  • Display each of the lists in a board, with a count of cards for each list.
  • Provide a donut graph showing the relative size of each list in the board.


This project makes use of the following technologies:

  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
  • Trello Client.js
  • NVD3/D3 Charts


A live demo of this is availble on GitHub – View the Trello Dashboard. Full source code is also available on GitHub.