Courses & Units

In 2012, a project commenced to modernise the University’s Online Courses & Units handbook.

As part of the requirements of the project, the University wanted an improved search and filter functionality. As the University already used Funnelback to provide search functionality across the website, it was decided to make use of Funnelback to start indexing database content was well.

A set of views were developed in our Data Warehouse, extracting detailed information about Courses, Units and Unit Sets (Majors & Minors). These views were then indexed by Funnelback, and a Search form was developed and deployed.

To present detailed information about a Course, Unit or Unit Set, a PHP application was developed to extract data from the Data Warehouse, returning an XML document containing the results.

Squiz MySource Matrix assets were then used to connect to the PHP application and retrieve the XML document for the specified entry. An XSL template was then applied to the results, generating HTML content for display in a web browser.


  • Oracle
  • Funnelback
  • Squiz MySource Matrix
  • PHP



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